We are working hard to bring you leaders in the SFPE and Fire Protection Industry who will bring their expertise to the programs and our membership.  If you have any suggestions for future programs, please forward them to Scott Nesvold or Warren Anderson.  
Information regarding the next chapter meeting can be found by clicking on the events listed below.  If possible, please sign up for the meeting in advance by following the "Register" link for the meeting.  Cash or check will also be accepted at the meeting.
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We hope to see you at one or more of our programs this year!

Upcoming events

    • 15 Feb 2023
    • 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM (CST)
    • Fraternal Order of Eagles #34

     State of the State 



    Presenter: Jim Smith



    The February MNSFPE Meeting will feature the “State of the State” presentation by State Fire Marshal Jim Smith. The presentation will provide an overview of the State Fire Marshal Division operations, address recent fire loss data for Minnesota, and provide insight as to what is working well in fire protection and what areas potentially need improvement.


    Jim Smith was appointed the state fire marshal in December 2019. Previously, he served as the State Fire Marshal Division chief deputy for five years. Before joining the State Fire Marshal Division, Smith was assistant chief of operations of the Saint Paul Fire Department. Smith has been in the fire service since August 1980. He started his career with the New Hope and Maple Grove fire departments. He became a nationally registered paramedic in 1987 and worked for North Memorial Ambulance for six years. Smith continued his firefighting/paramedic career with the Edina Fire Department and then transferring over to the Saint Paul Fire Department in 1992. During his 22 1/2 years with the SPFD Jim worked as a firefighter/paramedic, training officer, fire captain, rescue squad/hazardous materials captain, district chief, and assistant chief.


    Please plan to attend this important informational event.  We encourage you to pass this invitation on to co-workers, professional acquaintances, friends, and others that would be interested in this program and our MN SFPE chapter.

    We will be hosting this session at a new location: The Fraternal Order of Eagles #34, so make sure to plan arrival and drive time accordingly. There will be parking available in the back of the venue.


    Membership is not mandatory for this program, but always encouraged.  See you there!



    Social hour - 5:00 p.m.

    Dinner - 5:30 p.m.

    Meeting - 5:45 p.m.

    Presentation - 6:00 p.m.


    Fraternal Order of Eagles #34 - The Shadewald Hall

    2507 East 25th Street

    Minneapolis, MN 55406


    Meeting, Program, and Dinner Costs

    $20.00 (Members of MN SFPE)

    $25.00 (Non-members of MN SFPE)


    Please make sure to register before NOON on Tuesday, February 7th so we can give the F.O.E. an accurate head count for dinner. 

Past events

18 Jan 2023 A Survey of Passive Fire Protection: Linking Enforcement, Engineering, and Application
15 Nov 2022 JCI: Parking Garage Sprinkler Protection
19 Oct 2022 Transition from AFFF to SFFF
21 Sep 2022 What not to do: How design, installation, and maintenance impact the life expectancy of a sprinkler system
18 May 2022 Historical Fires of MN
20 Apr 2022 Hazardous Materials with Emphases on Marijuana Growing & Extraction Facilities
16 Mar 2022 Electronically Actuated Sprinklers
16 Feb 2022 State of the State
19 Jan 2022 Hypoxic Air Systems in Cold Storage Warehouses
16 Dec 2021 MN SFPE Topgolf Holiday Party
17 Nov 2021 Sprinkler Fitters Local 417 Union Hall Tour and Demonstrations
20 Oct 2021 Conflagration to Code: How Historic Building Fires Shaped Modern Codes
15 Sep 2021 What's Up in the Attic
19 May 2021 WEBINAR - Chapter Elections and NFPA 915 - Remote Inspections, Where They Are Today and Where They May Go
17 Mar 2021 WEBINAR - Recent Updates and Development Plans for Pyrosim, Pathfinder and Related Technologies
25 Feb 2021 State of the State - 2020 Review
20 Jan 2021 NFPA 770 - Standard on Hybrid (Water and Inert Gas) Fire Extinguishing Systems
21 Oct 2020 New IBC Office Load Factor - When and How to Use It
16 Sep 2020 Air Vents and Corrosion: New requirements of 2016 NFPA 13
27 May 2020 Challenges of Cold Storage Fire Protection
15 Apr 2020 WEBINAR - Rule Renovation: What Recent Updates to the Ethical Rules Mean for Your Practice
18 Mar 2020 Rule Renovation: What Recent Updates to the Ethical Rules Mean for Your Practice
26 Feb 2020 State of the State
29 Jan 2020 Fire Alarm and Mass Notification: Code Changes, Intelligibility, & Addressable Notification
19 Dec 2019 MN SFPE Topgolf Holiday Party
20 Nov 2019 New In-Rack Storage Options in NFPA 13 2019 and FM Data Sheet 8-9
30 Oct 2019 Firestop - Special Inspections
25 Sep 2019 Maximizing Value in Fire Sprinkler Systems - Corrosion, Codes, and Best Practices
29 May 2019 MN SFPE May 2019 Meeting
17 Apr 2019 MN SFPE Education Opportunity
20 Mar 2019 MN SFPE March 2019 Meeting
27 Feb 2019 MN SFPE February 2019 Meeting
13 Dec 2018 MN SFPE Fire Test and Holiday Happy Hour
28 Nov 2018 MN SFPE November 2018 Meeting
24 Oct 2018 MN SFPE October 2018 Meeting
26 Sep 2018 MN SFPE September 2018 Meeting
30 May 2018 MN SFPE May 2018 Meeting
25 Apr 2018 MN SFPE April 2018 Meeting
28 Mar 2018 MN SFPE March 2018 Meeting
28 Feb 2018 MN SFPE February 2018 Meeting
31 Jan 2018 MN SFPE January 2018 Meeting
29 Nov 2017 MN SFPE November 2017 Meeting
25 Oct 2017 MN SFPE October 2017 Meeting
27 Sep 2017 MN SFPE September 2017 Meeting
31 May 2017 MN SFPE May 2017 Meeting and Elections
26 Apr 2017 MN SFPE April 2017 Meeting
29 Mar 2017 MN SFPE March 2017 Meeting
22 Feb 2017 MN SFPE February 2017 Meeting
25 Jan 2017 MN SFPE January 2016 Meeting
30 Nov 2016 MN SFPE November 2016 Meeting
26 Oct 2016 MN SFPE October 2016 Meeting
28 Sep 2016 MN SFPE September 2016 Meeting
25 May 2016 MN SFPE May 2016 Meeting
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30 Mar 2016 MN SFPE March 2016 Meeting
24 Feb 2016 MN SFPE February 2016 Meeting
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